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You can download our booklet and leaflet here in pdf format. If you require printed versions, please contact us via our contact page.


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The Daisy Standards

The Daisy Standards are designed to foster an environment where Dignity in Care is at the forefront of everything that is done.

Where an organisation has been accredited with achieving the Daisy Standards, you can be sure that they are an organisation which values the principles of dignity and go above beyond to ensure that the standards of dignity are upheld every day, everywhere, for everyone.

You can expect an individualised service where your values and needs are the drivers for the service received.  You can expect Dignity Champions to be the representatives of the daisy values, they can help you with any dignity issues, they are expected to challenge poor practice and to be ambassadors for the principles of dignity.

The Daisy Mark

The Daisy Mark is an award winning accreditation scheme that was developed to be a quality marker for organisations to enable them to demonstrate that they have met the Daisy Standards.  It is designed to complement the already excellent levels of care delivered and to ensure that high standards and good practice are celebrated, recognised and shared.

The Accreditation is open to all organisations but with a focus on Health and Social Care Providers.  The accreditation is currently being undertaken in care homes, clinics, in patient units, GP surgeries, hospitals and education providers.

When an organisation has been accredited, they will receive a Daisy Mark plaque to add to their dignity champion badges to proudly display on their premises.