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DaisyMark | Daisy Accreditation – Tameside Children’s Nutrition Team
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Daisy Accreditation – Tameside Children’s Nutrition Team

Tameside Children's Nutrition Team

Tameside Children’s Nutrition Team

Group photograph

Team Members: Lisa Evans, Liz Collinson, Gill Shaw, Layla Wilkins, Becky Paul and Laura Killion

The Tameside Children’s Nutrition Team successfully completed all 4 modules (Dignity awareness training, Patient experience survey, Observation visits and completing an evidence based workbook on the 10 Dignity Standards) to achieve the Daisy Accreditation and were presented with their certificate by Janet Robson (Dignity Matron) and Alison Harrison (Dignity Administrator) at Crickets Lane clinic, Ashton-Under-Lyne.

Well done to the team and Lisa who lead on the Accreditation as the Daisy Champion.

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