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DaisyMark | Dignity Action day – 2018
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Dignity Action day – 2018

Thank you to Our Daisy Champions – Wendy Irons – Palliative Care team, Andrea Keppie – Practice Educator Facilitator and Janet Cooper – Senior Community Physiotherapist – Tameside and Glossop Integrated Care NHS Foundation Trust

Wendy, Janet and Andrea are valued supporters of the Daisy – they held a stall in the foyer of Ashton Primary Care Centre to promote Dignity and to ask service users ‘what Dignity meant to them as an individual’.

“Dignity is the quality of being honourable, respected, valued and self worth”
“To be able to be in control of what is happening to me and to have as much help as I need and for people to be understanding”
“Showing respect and care to patients as you would expect to be treated yourself”
“Dignity is showing care and respect”
“Supporting a patient with their wishers to ensure they are provided with the level of care that does not compromise their expectations of how they live”

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